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Behavioural Ad Targeting

Follow behavioural patterns across the spectrum of digital video, as they switch from service to service and device to device, to target ads for maximum campaign value.

Convergence Enabling

An advanced breed of convergence service operator to embrace the myriad consumer devices available to the modern user.


A brilliantly simple, compact and total solution line-up that minimizes the risks associated with complicated interoperability.

IPTV Solutions

IPTV supports not only conventional broadcast TV as from cable and satellite operators, but also personalized on-demand services and interactive entertainment.

Content Delivery Network

Our cross-platform video content delivery network is a proven-reliable approach to delivering greater customer satisfaction and increasing sales.

Digital TV Solutions

Highly flexible and adaptive infrastructure allows a smooth digitalisation process and helps broadcasters to expand their business and roll out new services without hassles.

Interactive TV Back Office

Full-featured TV back office desiged for an enhanced TV experience, delivering over multiple operating environments via cable, Internet, mobile and any other media.

New Media Content

New Media Content
Great content has always been "king" in the media food chain and our latest technology means consumers can now have more choice and access than ever before, coupled with an array of valued added interactive services.
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