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Vision AMS is an asset management system designed to help TV service providers control and manage on-demand digital content. It features functions that control the distribution of digital media assets at TV service providers’ headends. Content is verified for meeting service requirements, repurposed according to the format requirements of the system platform, then staged until being served to viewers.

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Vision AMS helps to maximize the return on digital content by allowing pieces to be repurposed to various compression or encryption formats, then distributed to service subscribers through different means, according to the value of said content and the service entitlement of the subscribers.

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Extended Resource, Compression and Packaging

Vision AMS has the intelligence to create, decipher and process assets that are in 3D or standard/high definition, and is optimized to the industry leading formats of MPEG2, H.264 and AVS.

Rich Service Asset Management

Vision AMS will manage assets (e.g. Movies, TV Series and Music) based on service requirements with TV services operators.

Network QoS Aware

Declarative QoS labels are generated and attached to content metadata, enabling digital content to be served in an environment with QoS concerns.


Vision AMS supports the transrating of content through integration with a third party offline transrater.

Efficient Content Management

Vision AMS enables TV service providers to efficiently receive content; maintain, search and correct metadata; content staging, storage, schedule and dispatch to relevant content store becomes more easily.

Open Standards Based Framework

Based on Java technology and CableLabs VoD 1.1 specification compliance, the modular structure of the system can support client-specific proprietary systems. The open and modular-based architecture of Vision AMS allows it to support the pre-encryption of content and its hassle-free integration with third party CA and DRM systems.

ADI and Non-ADI Interfaces

Vision AMS can interface with other asset distribution systems using standard ADI or non-standard interfaces.

Browser-based Interface

The browser-based user interface supports Microsoft* browsers, enabling easy system deployment, upgrade and management.

Multi-lingual Interface

The resource files framework of Vision AMS allows the fast and easy localization of the user interface.

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