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Security Risk Assessment & Audit



Security Risk Assessment Service is a comprehensive approach which tell you what an attacker can potentially harm your network using vulnerability assessment; and to tell you the conformance to your existing IT security policy using security audit.

Security Risk Assessment & Audit セキュリティ 診断及び監査

Vulnerability Assessment helps corporations to determine what their network vulnerabilities are. Security Audit is a systematic and measurable technical assessment of how your corporate security policy is conformed. Our Security Risk Assessment Services combine these two approaches: a vulnerability assessment which tells you what an attacker can potentially do to harm your network, and a security audit that tells you its conformity to your existing IT security policy.

  • Reduce operational & maintenance cost
  • Increased consciousness of information security
  • Mitigate security risks before project completion
  • Advanced knowledge of residual risks
  • Assign responsibility for mitigating security risks early in the project
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