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Mobile Solutions

A cost saving approach to workforce mobilization. With 3G/4G mobile technology, information access through mobile phones and mobile terminals is streamlined and it lays a firm foundation for the enterprise mobility solution.

To compete in today’s business environment, enterprises have the pressing need to mobilize their workforce. Being able to move the information quickly between front line sales force and the back office support can help enterprises to stay ahead of the competitors. With the help of 3G/4G mobile technology, information access through mobile phones or mobile terminals becomes much easier and it lays firm the foundation for the enterprise mobility solution.

Nowadays, mobile phone is a device with a lot more functionalities than just a phone. It can serve as a GPS device, a camera, a writing pad, and a connector to other devices using standard protocols such as WiFi, Bluetooth and Infrared. Most importantly, it can also be a high speed data channel for connecting to the back office and sending information. These capabilities can enable the enterprises to build many new mobile solutions to suit their business needs.

DMX Mobile Solutions offer the flexibility for the enterprises to either build their own system or use the applications through the network. Our mobile SaaS model can offer software functions to the enterprises via the network. Our mobile solution platform links multiple applications together and makes available to the enterprises. This can help the enterprises to save cost, time as well as operation and maintenance burden. Mobile Solutions Diagram

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