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DMX Management Teams

Lee Mun Young

Regional Director, DMX Technologies Group;
Chairman, Packet Systems Group

Mr Lee Mun Young joined us in July 2005 and is the Regional Director of DMX Technologies Group. He is responsible for the management of Packet Systems – one of the subsidiaries of DMX Technologies Group – as Chairman. After his military services as an Officer, Mr Lee joined the Daewoo Corporation in July 1987. Between April 1991 and December 1998, he served the Dacom Corporation in various capacities including International Business, Vice President of Rokotel (a joint venture with a local telephone service provider in Russia) and business planning. He subsequently joined Datacraft in 1999 as CEO of Datacraft Korea and Regional Director of Datacraft Asia. Mr Lee then founded Packet Systems and served as Chairman of the company prior to joining DMX. Mr Lee holds a Degree of Electrical Engineering from Sungkyunkwa University and a Masters Degree from the Graduate School of Foreign Trade and Policy, Sungkyunkwan University.

Susan Leong

COO/CFO, Packet Systems Group

Ms Susan Leong is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Packet Systems Group. As both COO and CFO, she is responsible for the operation and the overall statutory control of accounting, finance, administration, logistics, secretarial and taxation matters of Packet Systems Group's subsidiaries in Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Ms Leong joined Packet Systems Group in 2004 as CFO and was promoted to COO in April 2010. Between 1992 and 2003 she was the Finance and Admin Manager of Datacraft Malaysia and was promoted to the position of Regional Finance Manager in 1997, covering Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. Preceding that, she worked in an accounting and auditing firm in London, United Kingdom from 1989 to 1991 and in an auditing firm in Malaysia from 1982-1989. Ms Leong is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and is a member of The Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA), the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) and a fellow member of CPA Australia.

Handy Surya Wirawan

President Director (Indonesia)

Mr Handy Surya Wirawan has stood as President Director of PT Packet Systems Indonesia since its incorporation in 2004. Handy Surya Wirawan is responsible for leading and growing Packet Systems’ business in Indonesia, and has almost two decades’ experience in the Information and Communications Industry. Prior to his appointment with Packet Systems Indonesia, he was assigned to PT Metrodata Electronics in 1996 — as a member of PT Datacraft Indonesia's management team — to establish and develop the business into a respected data communications company in Indonesia. Mr Wirawan holds a Degree in Mathematics from Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia.

Baek Boo-Seon

Managing Director (Korea)

Mr Boo-Seon Baek joined DMX Technologies Korea in June 2009 as Managing Director. He is responsible for all aspects of the company’s business in the assigned territory. Mr Baek began his career at SICC (SsangYong Information & Communications Corp) in 1984 as a Development Engineer on the Seoul Olympics Organizing Committee. He served SSIC for more than 20 years as Sales Executive for Telco, ISP, Enterprises and Government. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Engineering from Dongguk University in Korea.

Choong Wai Hoong

Managing Director (Malaysia)

Mr Choong Wai Hoong is the Managing Director of Packet Systems Malaysia and is responsible for all aspects of business in Malaysia. Mr Choong founded DDI Malaysia in 2002 and joined the Group when Packet Systems acquired DDI Malaysia in 2004. Before joining DDI Malaysia, Mr Choong worked in Datacraft Malaysia as Sales Manager and subsequently as Head of Enterprise Division. Mr Choong holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the Southeast Missouri State University, USA.

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